Fancy Dress Speech on The Tiger

Fancy Dress Speech on The Tiger
  • Good morning everyone.
  • Can you find me?
  • Yes, I am the orange and black striped animal.
  • It’s me…..The Tiger.
  • I belong to the Cat family and I am the biggest of all.
  • Each of my friends have different stripes on our body.
  • No two stripes are the same.  All of us are unique.
  • Each of us are strong and powerful predators too.
  • I have sharp claws and sharp teeth to catch my prey.
  • My prey are usually deer, buffalo, birds, leopards, etc.
  • Best strength I have is that my back legs are longer than their front legs.
  • This helps me to leap fast and forward.
  • Second special thing about me is I like swimming very much.
  • My relaxation place is rivers, ponds mainly during hot times.
  • People call me the “National Animal of India”.
  • I am really proud of this.
  • You can see me in zoos and jungles.
  • Recently, people are hunting my friends a lot.
  • Many of them are losing lives because of this.
  • Please stop killing us.  Try to protect us.
  • We won’t disturb you people.  You also don’t disturb us.
  • Let us to live happily.
  • Thank you.

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