Few Lines on “A Morning Walk”

Few Lines on “A Morning Walk”
  • Sunrise in the early morning is the most exciting part of the day.
  • Getting up early when the sun rises is always the best habit.
  • Though it may be hard to get up early in the beginning days, it gets easy by practice.
  • Benefits from early waking up are more, and we can feel these practically.
  • Birds are just twittering, and they make soothing music.
  • Flowers bloom from buds.
  • We can see Dewdrops on the plants and the grass.
  • Starting to walk by enjoying the beauty of nature makes the walking more excited.
  • Cool fresh air while walking just passes along.
  • Fresh air is perfumed with flowers and plants.
  • Men, women, young, old, fat, thin all go for walking.
  • The main aim of all is to have a healthy body and mind.
  • Daily walking gives briskness throughout the day.
  • The body gets fitness with regular walking.
  • Sweating released from walking cleans the waste from the body.
  • Some people do floor exercises and yoga asanas.
  • Some take their pets for walking with them.
  • Milkmen are driving with milk cans distributing milk to every house.
  • Paper men are cycling to deliver papers from one house to another.
  • School children are getting ready with school uniforms and bright faces.
  • Few children are playing on roads and can see more children playing on holidays.
  • Finally, all these are missed by sleepy people who get up late from their bed.

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