Few Lines on An Owl

Few Lines on An Owl

1.      The owl is a bird of prey.

2.      This bird is carnivorous.

3.      It has a flat face and big fixed eyes.

4.      The owl has a round head, a strong beak, and claws.

5.      It hunts at night and rests during the day.

6.      Sharp Beak – Its sharp beak helps to catch and kill the prey.

7.      Ears – The owl has sharp ears also to hear the noise and it heads on its prey.

8.      Wings – Its wings make no noise at all when it is flying. 

9.      This helps the owl to catch its victims.

10.   They feed on mice, moles, insects, lizards, chickens, and other domestic fowls.

11.   It swallows its prey wholly.

12.   Owls can see very well in the darkness.

13.   It frightens the animal by revealing its presence by nervous sounds or movements.

14.   They live in the hollows of a tree trunk, old destroyed buildings, high towers, woods, etc.

15.   Owls are excellent in camouflage.  The color on their feathers blends in with their surroundings.

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