Few lines on Brachiosaurus – Dinosaur

Few lines on Brachiosaurus – Dinosaur

The Brachiosaurus lived in the late Jurassic Period about 150million years ago in the rainforests, plains and forests of North America and Europe. Brachiosaurus fossils have also been found in Tanzania, Africa. Brachiosauruses were one of the tallest and heaviest land animals.  


  • The Brachiosaurus had a long, giraffe-like neck, a small head, bulky body, and short, thick tail.
  • It had short jaws with sharp teeth, and its nostrils were located on top of its head.
  • Brachiosaurus had four thick, column-like legs with the front legs being longer than the hind legs.
  • It also had a ridge along the top of its head.
  • The name “Brachiosaurus” means “arm-lizard.”
  • They were 12 to 15 meters tall, and most of them weighed between 50 and 80 tons.

Food Habits:

  • These huge dinosaurs were very social, living in packs of 15 to 20, and moved in herds from one place to another after they had cleared an area of its vegetation.
  • Brachiosauruses were herbivorous dinosaurs who ate the leaves of tall trees such as fir, pine, redwood, spruce, larch, and gingko, as well as cycads.

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