Few lines on Compsognathus- Dinosaur

Few lines on Compsognathus- Dinosaur


  • The Compsognathus had a small, pointed head with a tapered snout and big, sharp teeth.
  • It had small arms with clawed fingers and long, thin, hind legs with three toed feet and a tail longer than its body.
  • The Compsognathus used its tail to help balance while running.
  • The Compsognathus had hollow bones like birds. 
  • Scientists believed that Compsognathus are the closest relatives of the ancient bird, Archaeopteryx.

Food Habits:

  • They were the smallest meat eating dinosaurs.
  • Scientists know this because they have found remains of lizards, small animals, and insects inside their skeletons.

Other information:

  • They were bipedal dinosaurs who were swift runners.
  • They lived in Bavaria, Germany and France during the late Jurassic Period about 150million years ago.
  • The Compsognathus was one of the smallest dinosaurs that ever lived, being only almost the size of a chicken.
  • They were around half a meter long, 30centimetres tall and weighed only 4.5kilograms.

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