Few Lines on Sparrows

Few Lines on Sparrows
  • Sparrows are small sized birds.
  • They have smooth rounded heads.
  • Over all, there are around 140 species of sparrows found around the world.
  • They are found mostly across the world’s woodlands and farmlands.
  • Sparrows are usually found in Africa, Asia and Australia.
  • In India, it is a most common bird species found everywhere in urban cities.
  • They do not migrate over long distances, but they tend to move towards fields when the crops ripen.
  • They are omnivores feeding on seeds, grains, berries, fruits and small insects.
  • Their beaks are short and pointed.
  • The pointed beaks help them to pick up and grind small seeds.
  • Sparrows have perching feet.  This helps them grab a perch tightly.
  • Despite their small size, sparrows can fly quite fast up to 50km/hour.
  • They fly at an average speed of 38.5km/hour.
  • The sparrow is usually found in groups that chirps and cheeps to communicate with each other.
  • In towns and cities, the bird nests in holes in walls and other crannies and nooks on buildings.
  • To say, Sparrows are declining in India and are not seen as frequently or in large numbers as before.
  • Main reasons for their disappearance are urbanization, lack of ventilators in modern houses, radiation from mobile towers, pollution, use of pesticides and insecticides and emission of harmful gas.

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