Few lines/ Interesting facts on The Ant

Few lines/ Interesting facts on The Ant
  • The ant is one of the most common insects.
  • There are more than 12,000 different species of ants throughout the world.
  • These tiny creatures are among the most fascinating animals on Earth.
  • Ants are usually brown but can also black, yellow, or red depending on the species.
  • Ants have bodies which are divided into three segments: the head, the thorax and the abdomen.
  • The head contains eyes, antennae and mouthparts.  The thorax consists of legs and wings and the abdomen contains the internal organs.
  • Ants can be found almost everywhere in the world except the extremely cold areas and live in a variety of habitats depending on the species.
  • Some species make holes in soil or wood in which to live.
  • Many species nest underground, while others nest in trees, constructing their home from leaves.
  • Ants are social insects and live in large, organized communities known as colonies. 
  • These colonies are made of thousands or even millions of ants.  The ants are divided into queens, males and workers.  The queen leads the community, the male fertilizes her, and the workers work for the community.  Each individual has a specific job to do.
  • Ants feed on a wide variety of foods, primarily nectar, seeds, fungus, other insects and even dead animals. Ants eat a variety of food including caterpillars, leaves and fungi. 
  • Some large species of ants, such as army ants and driver ants, are known to form groups to catch and eat animals such as chickens, lizards, snakes, scorpions and even pigs.
  • Ants are preyed upon by many animals including reptiles and amphibians. 
  • Ants can lift a weight 20times their own weight due to their very small size.

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