Few Lines on The Cow

Few Lines on The Cow
  1. The cow is a domestic animal.
  2. It is mostly white or light brown or black in color.
  3. The cow has four legs and a tail.
  4. It lives in sheds in farm fields.
  5. Moreover, it is a soft and gentle animal.
  6. The cow eats grass and leaves.
  7. It is a very useful animal.
  8. It gives us milk which we drink every morning.  Milk is good for our health.  This milk is the only food for newborn babies if they do not get breast milk.
  9. The cow dung is an agricultural fertilizer.  It is mixed with water and sprayed in front of the houses to repel insects, mosquitoes, etc.
  10. In some places, the cow is also worshipped as God named “Gaumatha”.
  11. Above all, the cow also helps in farming activities.   So the farmers celebrate the Pongal festival for cows as Cow Pongal in the month of January every year.
  12. In this way, we can express our gratitude towards this animal.

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