Few lines on Importance of Trees

Few lines on Importance of Trees
  1.  Trees are very important to man in many ways.
  2.  It can live with us for many years.
  3.  Trees improve the beauty of the place.
  4.  Some trees can grow very tall in height
  5. Trees give us oxygen to breathe and takes in carbon dioxide.
  6.  They give us beautiful flowers and fruits to eat.
  7.  They also give us wood that is used in cooking and to do different purposes like making furniture, cardboard, and paper.
  8. Trees provide shade. 
  9. The elders sit under the tree, talk with each other, and take a rest under the shade of the tree.
  10. Trees bring rain.
  11. Trees prevent soil erosion and landslides.
  12. Trees give us medicine.
  13. Trees are home to different birds and insects.
  14.  Cutting down trees can be harmful to the environment. They prevent us from storms and floods. 
  15.  If we cut down the trees in large numbers, the land becomes hard and there is a possibility of land facing floods and starvation.
  16.  In the village side, we can see big trees where the children play under it.  They tie swings on the branches of the trees and play on it. 
  17.  If we don’t plant trees, the world will become dry and desert-like as days go by.  Hence we have to grow and protect trees.

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