How to develop the Art of Communication in Children?

How to develop the Art of Communication in Children?

Communication is the way of connecting with other people by exchange of information.

Five skills to master communication in children are:

1.      Maintain Eye contact:

  • We have to maintain eye contact with the person we are talking to.
  • In the beginning, it may look funny or hard to follow.
  • But in practice, we can get it and it is the main skill in communication.

2.      Right posture for communication:

  • We have to be in the correct posture when we are communicating.
  • This posture depends upon the place and the people whom we talk to.
  • It also depends upon the purpose of communication (Example is student communicating with a teacher in standing posture.)

3.      Speaking clearly:

  • We have to be clear in our talk.
  • The communicating matter should be relevant to what is happening.
  • The speech must be understandable.

4.      Use of please and thank you:

  • Use of the words “please” and “thank you” makes the conversation polite.
  • The speech attracts the attention of the people if we use these words.
  • It shows our good manners and gratitude also.

5.      Speaking completely:

  • We should deliver whatever we think to talk in a proper way.
  • It should not be left half said and half not said.
  • Ideas should be clearly and completely conveyed without any interruptions to the other people or the audience.

All these tips help to enhance the communication skill to the next level.

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