Importance of Traffic Lights

Importance of Traffic Lights
  • In our day-to-day life, all of us go from one place to another.
  • Children go to schools.
  • Some people go to their workplaces, offices and some people go shopping, temples.
  • When all of us go out, a lot of traffic is on the roads.
  • So, certain rules are framed to be followed on roads.
  • They are said to be Traffic Rules.
  • We have to follow the traffic rules.
  • There are so many people on the road.  Everyone has to reach somewhere.
  • But, all of us can’t move together.
  • We need to give them a chance to move towards their destination.
  • So, these traffic signals have been installed at regular intervals.
  • Traffic Signals are kept in busy areas where three or four roads meet.
  • The Traffic Signal has three colours – red, yellow, green.
  • Green means Go.
  • Red means Stop.
  • Yellow is to slow down.
  • These rules are for the safety of people.
  • Hence, we need to cooperate.
  • If everyone follows these rules, then there won’t be any accidents.
  • All of us can have safe travel.
  • But, if someone is making a mistake, we should not repeat the mistake.
  • We need to be cautious on the roads.
  • We need to be responsible citizens.
  • This not only helps us but also others and makes the world a better place to live in.

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