Interesting Facts/Few lines on Octopus

Interesting Facts/Few lines on Octopus
  • The Octopus is a sea animal belonging to a huge mollusc that can grow up to 8mt in length.
  • Mollusc are the largest of all groups among sea animals.
  • An octopus gets its name because of its eight arms or tentacles.

Clever Predator:

  • The octopus is a clever predator capable of rapid movement.
  • It has sharp eyes and a horny beak-like mouth with which it tears apart its prey.
  • An octopus looks very dangerous and its bite is very painful and poisonous.

Octopus Tentacles:

  • The tentacles are very strong and with the help of its tentacles, it catches its prey.
  • They are also very long and flexible.
  • The tentacles help the octopus to hold its prey very tightly.
  • The octopus has a soft body covered with suckers.
  • It crawls rather than walks.            

Funnel Siphon:

  • It has a muscular tube on its body called a funnel-siphon. 
  • This can shoot a stem of water with great force and can move backward very quickly to escape enemies.
  • With this funnel-siphon, it shoots out a jet of ink into the water and then escapes under the cover of this dark screen.
  • It is also with the help of this funnel-siphon that it extracts oxygen from water.

Food habits:

  • It feeds on crabs, fish and other marine animals and dwells generally at the bottom of the water of the shallow pools.


  • An octopus is also able to change its colours to match that of its surroundings.
  • It can change its colours from red to grey, sea-green, yellow or brown.
  • This change also helps him to escape its enemies.

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