Long Essay on Punctuality

Long Essay on Punctuality

Meaning of Punctuality:

Punctual means being on time for any task or work.  Punctuality is the quality of following the time for any task or work.  Each and every person has to be punctual.  This adds discipline to our life.  We follow punctuality by nature itself, just as the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening.  Punctuality is a part of our life. 

Examples of Punctuality:

  • First, Children should always be punctual to school which means reaching school on time. 
  • Next, Grown-up people also have to be punctual in all the tasks in the office and it has to be completed on time.

Merits of being punctual:

  • Being punctual earns a good name to the student.
  • It helps the child to attend all classes without any distraction if he arrives on time.
  • Children have peaceful mind throughout the class if he reaches school on time.
  • If he comes correctly, he does not miss any class.  He follows all the lessons taught.
  • He generally completes his task on time.  Teachers have confidence in him.
  • In this case, he has entrusted more tasks in the future also.
  • So in-office also, he is believed to do all his works on time.  Top authorities have confidence in him.
  • He is given more responsibilities as he is always punctual.
  • All these help him to reach greater heights.

Problems of not being punctual:

  • Children, if they are late to school, they feel embarrassed to get inside the class when the teacher has started to teach.
  • He does not know what classes have already been taken.
  • He will not be peaceful throughout the class.
  • To say, this feeling makes him distracted for half a day.
  • For grown-ups, if he is not punctual he earns a bad name at the office.
  • He will not be entrusted with more works.
  • This makes him guilty and ashamed in front of others.
  • He cannot succeed in his career if he is not punctual.
  • His colleagues will take over him and grow to greater heights.

Lifelong virtue in everyone’s life:

There is a famous saying “Time and tide wait for none”.  This saying shows the importance of time and the need to follow the time.  Time is the most valuable possession of man.  If time is properly used, we can be benefitted a lot.  But, if we do not understand its value and waste it, then we have to face the loss.  Punctuality helps us to achieve success in school or office.  Children are taught to follow punctuality right from a young age in schools.  When they develop this quality from the beginning, they get benefit life long.  To sum up, if punctuality is developed, it becomes our life routine and it will not vanish from us.

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