Short Essay on My Best Friend

Short Essay on My Best Friend

All of us have many friends.  But a best friend is always close to us.  We will talk to them most and share our things with them.  We play with them often. 

In the same way, I have my best friend.  Her name is Preethi.  She is very close to me.  Preethi is my classmate. She is very kind and helpful to me always.  She is good at her studies.   Both of us sit near each other in the classroom.  In drawing classes, we both share our crayons and colored pencils.  During snack hours and lunch hours, we share our lunch with each other. 

Preethi’s house is near to my house.  We play together in the evening.  Both of us share toys with each other.  She helps me if I don’t know any concepts in my studies. If I am sad, she convinces me.  She respects and obeys her parents and teachers.  Her favorite color is blue.  Hide and seek is her favorite game and we play this often.  Sometimes, we fight with each other but within a short time, we become friends again.  I am very lucky to have Preethi as my best friend.

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