My Favorite Hobby Gardening

My Favorite Hobby Gardening

Activities which we like to do during our free time are called hobbies.  This does not come out of compulsion, it comes only by our liking and interest.  It makes our mind and body relaxed.   

I am Nithya.  My favorite hobby is gardening.  I have a small garden in front of my house.  My mother helps me in maintaining my garden.  I have flower plants like rose, lily, jasmine, red hibiscus, pink hibiscus, and some more also.  I also have medicinal plants like tulsi plants and others are tomato plants, lemon trees, neem tree, and a papaya tree.  Also, I like to plant new plants.  Every day, I water my plants in the morning and in the evening.  I will be very happy to see flowers bloom and the fruits in the plants.  I love my garden very much.  

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