Self Help is the Best Help

Self Help is the Best Help


  • Doing our work by ourselves is Self help.  
  • It is done without dependence on others.
  • This is the best way of doing the work.


  • Self help is doing things on our own.
  • Instead of depending on others, we do it by ourselves.
  • If we depend on others and get their help, we do not have the full experience of doing it.  
  • Our mind assures us that we do not know the work and hence we depend on others.  This creates low self esteem in us and we develop low self confidence.
  • If we do not receive the required help from others, we get disappointed.
  • So, in self help, there is no chance of low self confidence and disappointment.
  • We believe in ourselves.  We do the work without depending on others.  
  • We take all efforts to learn and do it by ourselves.
  • When we do it, we develop self confidence.  
  • Then, we try to grow and reach greater heights.
  • We set the target level high and try to reach it.  This lifts us up.
  • There is no fear in facing troubles.  We face it with confidence and bravery.  Success comes to self help people by their hard work.
  • Whenever a problem arises, self help people think and find their solution on their own.
  • But those who do not know how to self help, feel left out, they just depend on others’ solutions.
  • Hence, wise and experienced people said, “Self help is best help”.

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