Short Essay on Winter Season

Short Essay on Winter Season
  • The Revolution of Earth causes a change in seasons.
  • There are four seasons like summer, winter, spring and autumn.
  • As the earth revolves around the sun, the part which receives more heat and light has summer and the part with little heat and light has winter.
  • In winter, the weather is very cold.
  • People wear warm clothes to keep them comfortable.
  • Woolen clothes like sweaters, scarfs, blankets, socks, mufflers come into use daily.
  • People feel chill especially in the months of  December and January.
  • It is better to wear dark colored clothes because it absorbs heat from sunlight and makes us feel warm.
  • During this season, the days are short and nights are long.
  • People like to eat hot snacks, drink hot tea, and soups during this season.
  • Everyone likes to sit under the sun or use heaters frequently to keep themselves warm.