Speech on My favorite Birthday Gift – Cycle

Speech on My favorite Birthday Gift – Cycle
  • Good morning everyone.
  • Today I am going to talk on the topic “My favorite Birthday Gift”.
  • Birthday is a day of fun and enjoyment.
  • I celebrated my seventh birthday on 10.10.2021.
  • After cake cutting, My parents, my grandparents and my friends gave me different gifts on that day.  My grandparents gave me a dress, my friend gave me a coloring set, another friend gave me a water bottle and so on.  
  • My father gave me my most favorite gift on that day.  It was Cycle.  
  • I have been asking him for many days and it was my great longing.  
  • It was blue in color with black seat.  The handle bar was there with a tiny bell and a small mirror.  The wheels are thick and strong.  There is a small basket to keep the water bottle and snacks.  It had two pedals.
  • At the age of 3, my grandfather gave me a tricycle.  Then, I learnt to ride a cycle at the age of 5.  My neighbor friend has a cycle.  He is older than me.  He shares his cycle with me.  I learnt to ride it during evening times.  My father helped me learn how to ride.  
  • Thereafter, I asked my father and he presented me on my birthday.  I am very happy now and excited to cycle in the evening daily.  
  • Usually, at evening times, all my friends would join together to cycle on the road in our Apartment.
  • My mother always advised me to be careful on the roads.  
  • My father always asks me to keep the cycle clean and safe first.  
  • So I decided to wipe the cycle everyday before taking it for a ride.  Then, I should be very careful while riding on roads.
  • Eagerly waiting for my evening time.  
  • Thank you.

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