Speech on The Newspaper

Speech on The Newspaper
  • Newspapers are delivered at our doorstep every morning. 
  • It is a printed form of daily news that has taken place all over the world, our nation, our state and our cities also. 
  • Newspapers are available in English and our Regional Language also. It is delivered early morning itself. 
  • In the first page, important news are given in bold letters.  Headlines are given in large letters to highlight the importance of the news. 
  • It covers all the happenings in the city, state, country and world.  Above all, it also gives detailed information about each and every news.
  • First, my father enjoys reading newspaper in the early morning with a cup of tea.  He is very much interested in Political News.
  • Next, my mother reads it in her free time and she covers Political news, awareness information, weather forecasting news and kids related contests.
  • Then, my brother and I will read when we get time.  We read especially on weekends.  My brother is very much interested in Sports news and I am interested in Puzzles, competitions, funny cartoons, comic sections, etc.
  • Finally, reading newspaper is a good habit. It helps us to know the world information on daily basis. Reading helps us to increase the reading ability and vocabulary in the language which we read.

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