Ten lines on Florence Nightingale

Ten lines on Florence Nightingale
  1. Florence Nightingale was born on May 12, 1820, in Florence, Italy.  She was named after the city.
  2. Florence’s parents were very rich.  She had an older sister named Parthenope. 
  3. Florence’s childhood was happy.  She did not go to school but she was a good student.  Her father taught her foreign languages, history and math.  Florence wanted to nurse the sick.
  4. Florence read books and reports about health and hospitals and became an expert to treat the sick and make them better.
  5. When she was 26, Florence went to Germany to visit a nursing school in Kaiserswerth.  Then she went to Paris, France, London to work as a nurse.
  6. In 1854, Nightingale heard about the bad conditions for soldiers injured in the Crimean War between Britain and Russia and went to Scutari to help the injured soldiers.
  7. They called Nightingale “The lady with the lamp” because she walked around the hospital every night comforting patients.
  8. When the war ended in 1856, Nightingale was famous.  Even Queen Victoria wanted to meet her. In 1860, she set up the Nightingale School for Nurses in London.
  9. Nightingale became sick and suffered from Crimean Fever, she was often bedridden over the rest of her life.
  10. She died in 1910. During her life, nursing had become a respected profession. Her birthday is celebrated as International Nurses Day.