Ten Lines on Giraffes

Ten Lines on Giraffes
  1. Giraffes are the tallest animals on land.
  2. The giraffe has a long face, long neck, two large eyes, and hair on its back.  That is a stiff mane with two short horns on the head. 
  3. It is a gentle animal with smooth skin.  The legs are as tall as a grown man.
  4. The giraffe has a long and slender neck.  It has a spotted body.  The spots can also be brown or almost black. 
  5. Each giraffe has a pattern of spots.  But no two giraffes have the same pattern.
  6. Giraffes can be 14 to 19feet tall.  Giraffes are much taller than other animals.
  7. They are mainly found in Africa’s grassy plains.
  8. Giraffes stay together in a group.  The group is called a herd.  A herd usually has 6 to 12 giraffes.
  9. Giraffes are herbivores.  It only eats leaves and other plant matter.
  10. They have very long end tails.  There is a bunch of black fur at the end of their tail.