Ten Lines on The Milkman

Ten Lines on The Milkman
  1. The Milkman is a person who gives milk to each and every house in the early morning.
  2. He gets up early and milks the cows, then he distributes them to the people by bike or cycle.
  3. Mostly, the milkman has his own cows, he feeds them and takes care of them.
  4. He bathes them, allows them to graze in the grasslands, then ties them on the farm.  He also feeds hay along with some grains and water them.
  5. The milkman considers the cows as his own family members and loves them all.
  6. Milk is a favorite drink for kids and a nutritious drink also.  Even grownups have their tea or coffee using milk. 
  7. Once people get up and brush their teeth, the next work is to get milk.  This is the first drink for all people in the morning.
  8. If the milkman does not come even for one day, the whole morning activities get collapsed.  So, he always provides the milk in the morning promptly at our doorstep.
  9. Milk gives calcium and strength to the bones, rich in protein, and fights multiple diseases.  Overall, consuming one glass of milk improves one’s immunity.
  10. Whatever may be the season, sun, or rain, he always provides milk.  We should be always grateful to him as he is an important community helper.

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