How to handle Children if they are not listening to you?

How to handle Children if they are not listening to you?

Listening to others is a very important quality required for a child.  If he does not listen, parents have to think of ideas to make them listen.  Listening to his parents, teachers, and friends helps him to succeed in his life.

Some tips for parents to make their child listen.

  • Children do not like to hear from their parents if they continuously order them.
  • Be like a friend and talk to the children and then they will easily listen.
  • Avoid boasting while talking to them saying that, “I was too good when I was like you” and so on.
  • Talk to them in reality and explain to them what you are trying to tell.
  • Do not force them if they refuse to do something unless it is important.  Give importance to their likings also.
  • If they are careless and make you worry, don’t talk too much in the name of scolding.  Be crisp and make them understand their mistakes.
  • Walk and go near your child and speak to them with eye contact.
  • Avoid long lectures, tell your advice and good words in short.
  • Try to limit the to-do lists, make them do their work by practice.
  • Do not shout in anger, talk to them explaining their mistakes.
  • If he is deeply involved in watching TV or something, we can just sign our hand by asking him to study or sleep.  Actions play a vital role.
  • Whenever your child is talking, listen to what your child wants to say, interact with them, ask questions to them, nod your head, make them understand that they are listened to.
  • In this way, they learn listening from you.  Then they understand the importance of listening to you and they try to follow you.

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