Twenty New Year Resolutions for Family

Twenty New Year Resolutions for Family
  1. Spending quality time with family daily – Chatting time.
  2. Dining together with family for at least one meal a day.
  3. Talking lovable and kind words to spouse and children daily.
  4. Better to avoid talking bad words in the family.
  5. Appreciating each other when any important work is done by them.
  6. Taking part in our child’s education and discussing with them.
  7. Playing games with children on holidays.
  8. Avoiding family arguments in front of the children.
  9. No pointing of old mistakes done which increases anger.
  10. Forgive and forget when the partner does any mistake.
  11. Do not hesitate to ask Sorry when you realize your mistake.
  12. Do not live for others.  Live for yourself
  13. If one person gets angry, the other person has to calm down. 
  14. If any mistake is done, it has to be pointed in a kind way.
  15. Forgiving is the key to success in family life.  The person who forgives is the winner.
  16. Do not scold each other for simple matters.
  17. Adjusting with each other makes our life smooth.
  18. Accepting other’s opinions also solves most problems.
  19. Understanding the situation and reacting creates confidence between life partners.
  20. Doing small help to our Grandparents at our home.