Twenty New Year Resolutions for Personal growth

Twenty New Year Resolutions for Personal growth
  1. The practice of eating vegetables daily to have good health always.
  2. Exposure to sunlight for vitamin and immunity power.
  3. Playing outdoor favorite games daily to keep the body physically fit.
  4. Think about our life’s blessings and being grateful to God.
  5. Improving positive vibration thoughts to grow.
  6. Believing in our self to achieve success creates confidence.
  7. Realizing our old faults or mistakes, saying Sorry or Thank you when needed.
  8. The practice of reading books daily –any good books of our choice.
  9. Planning to make small savings plan for the future.
  10. Developing mental power like stress-free and quality sleep.
  11. Practicing a hobby in our leisure time, if not develop a new hobby now
  12. Helping others in all aspects wherever possible. E.g.: kind words, charity, sharing.
  13. Not to hurt anybody by our words or actions, if angry it’s better to be silent.
  14. Spending quality time with family without fail.
  15. Maintaining good friends and gaining more friends also.
  16. Appreciating others if something good is done.
  17. Playing games with children on holidays.
  18. Laugh and relax with children at the house when free.
  19. Creating a sense of sharing and adjusting in Children by practicing it.
  20. Avoiding arguments when angry, just be silent.