Book Review-The Magic Finger-Roald Dahl

Book Review-The Magic Finger-Roald Dahl

Book Title:

The Magic Finger

Author of the Book:

Roald Dahl

Characters in the story:

  • A girl with a magic finger (Main Character)
  • Mr. Gregg
  • Mrs. Gregg
  • Philip
  • William

Main Idea/ Plot of the story:

The story is about a girl with a magic finger.  When she feels angry, she points to that person and things get changed soon.  The girl points at Mr. Gregg’s family and they are affected by this.  Later they realized their mistake by facing a lot of struggles. Finally it is done for a good cause to save the birds.

Problems faced:  

Philip and William are her friends.  In a situation, she points a magic finger at Mr. Gregg’s family and things get worse thereafter.  They face a lot of suffering.  


The sufferings teach Mr. Gregg and his family a lesson and finally they change their attitude.  They decide to stop hurting birds or animals.

Moral of the story:

We should not hurt others, even birds and animals also.  They should be allowed to live freely in this world.  We should treat them with care.

My review / opinion:

The story is written in Simple English and the concept of the story is easily understandable.  The author narrates the story in such a way that the reader is expecting to know what is going to happen. This increases the curiosity in the reader.  Finally the story ends with a good message that we should not hurt birds or animals.  Children love reading this book as it is very interesting and increases their curiosity. The happenings in the story help them to realize the untold sufferings of birds in our real life.

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