10 Lines on Independence Day

10 Lines on Independence Day
  1. Independence Day is an important day in the history of India.  This day creates a spirit of great patriotism among all the Indians.
  2. India got its independence from the Britishers on 15th August 1947.  Hence this day is celebrated as Independence Day.
  3. First, the Prime Minister of India hoists the National Flag every year.  Then, they play the National Anthem. Everyone takes a Salute.
  4. Next, the Prime Minister highlights the achievements of the country in various fields and the plans to take the country for further development and prosperity.
  5. Then, a large crowd of men, women and children gather at Red Fort to watch this program, celebrate and enjoy this day.
  6. Later, all the national buildings are beautifully illuminated and look bright in tricolors – Saffron, white and green.  They also fly kites in tricolor to celebrate Independence.
  7. The States and the Union Territories of India all over the nation celebrate this day with great enthusiasm.
  8. The Chief Minister of the State hoists the National Flag and takes the salute.
  9. It is celebrated in all Schools where the Principal hoists the flag and takes the Salute.
  10. The celebrations on this day remind us of the great sacrifices made by the heroes who laid down their lives in the struggle for India’s freedom.

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