Ten tips to spend Summer Holidays for Kids and their parents

Ten tips to spend Summer Holidays for Kids and their parents

The summer time has started.  It is vacation time for our kids.  The sun is burning down.  It is not advisable for the kids to go out.  Then how to spend the summer holidays?  Here are some tips.

1. Indoor Play: 


• Play games like Chess, Snake and Ladder, Ludo, Carrom Board and other board games.

• Kids learn winning and losing of the game, they learn to accept it.

• Helps to improve the concentration level and decision making.

2. Outdoor Play:

• Play games like Tennis, Badminton, Cricket, Shuttle, etc…

• These games are a form of physical exercise.

• Kids learn to enjoy winning and accept losing of the game.

3. Books Reading:

• Start reading books step by step as the kids have time.

• Selecting books age wise and start reading.

• Helps to improve concentration and language.

4. Newspaper Reading:

• Reading the newspaper daily as a habit.

• This increases the reading ability.

• Kids can understand the world happenings.

5. Crafts Making:

• Making things using clay, charts, and color papers, etc…

• This improves imagination and creativity.

• Developing the skill of making things.

6. Drawing and Coloring:

• Drawing pictures, seeing the newspapers or magazines.

• Improves the imagination and creativity.

• Brings perfection in our view of looking at pictures.

7. Garden Maintenance:

• Admiring the plants and trees near our house.

• If possible, we can maintain a garden and water the plants daily.

• This helps us to watch the growth of the plant day by day.

8. More time with Grandparents:

• Spend more time with grandparents and talk to them.

• Listen to their old stories which show their love and affection for us.

• Their experience teaches us a lot.

9. Learn a new activity

• Kids have a lot of time to learn a new activity which they are interested in.

• Some like music, dance, and guitar, piano and so on, in this case, they can learn their favorite activity.

• Spend more time practicing this which gives relaxation.

10. Learn household activity

• Kids can involve in household activities like washing plates, folding bed sheets, filling water bottles, arranging books, cleaning the room, etc…

• Small activities teach them a lot of responsibilities.

• All these can be made as daily habits to be followed.

The above tips can gain confidence in kids.  This is a way to spend vacation worthy. 

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