Children have fear of darkness – how to overcome this?

Children have fear of darkness – how to overcome this?

We usually hear the words that some children fear of the dark.  They do not want to enter a dark room – a room without lights.  Fear is common to all.  Even adults get fear of certain things especially to do a new thing for the first time.  We should get rid of this fear using the following tips.  These tips will be useful for us to make our child be free from the fear of the dark.

1.      Fantasy and reality:  Children do not understand the difference between fantasy and reality.  We should clear up the confusion in them.

2.      No night monster: Some parents talk about the night monster while feeding food to their children.  This way their imagination grows up.  We should stop using these words and try other methods to make them eat.

3.      Wrong ideas from television or movie:  Role of television/ movie/ news/ media plays a major role.  We should clear up the wrong ideas and we can avoid telling them bigger problems than their age.

4.      Understanding children:  The most important thing is we the parents should be understanding the children, give them mental support.  We should create a feeling of assurance.  We should not ignore their feelings.

5.      Soothing words to relax:  We should make our words and actions as soothing ones for our kids and make bedtime a relaxing one.

There is no hard and strict rule.  If we are comfortable to follow the tip and if the tip works out for us, we can follow in our daily life.

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