Fancy Dress Speech as Traffic Signal Light

Fancy Dress Speech as Traffic Signal Light
  • Good Morning Everyone!
  • How are you all?
  • You will be fine, if you follow me.
  • I am an instructing device telling you how to act on roads.
  • Especially on traffic roads.
  • See my colours, I have red, yellow and green in me.
  • Can you guess me now?
  • You all see me daily.  Take care of yourself mainly.
  • While going to Schools, while going to shops,
  • At all times, while going out.
  • Yes, it’s me, Traffic Signal.
  • My place is in a busy traffic area.
  • When roads get intersected and heavy traffic is there,
  • I am always there, so be aware.
  • My work is to direct the vehicles and regulate the traffic.
  • There are three lights in me.
  • I work on these light signals only.
  • Red means that the vehicle must stop.
  • Next is yellow.
  • Yellow light means that the vehicle must slow down.
  • It indicates that the red light is soon turned on.
  • Yellow signal appears before the signal turns red.
  • Green means that the vehicle has to go ahead.
  • The vehicle can pass on the road.
  • Following me is an important safety rule.
  • All of you who drive on roads should know me.
  • These rules prevent confusion and maintain order.
  • I keep you safe by avoiding accidents.
  • One most important thing,
  • If you do not follow, you will be charged fine.
  • Remember….Do Remember….
  • Understand the importance.
  • And follow with more remembrance.
  • Thank you.

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