Essay on My Birthday Party/ How I Celebrated my Birthday?

Essay on My Birthday Party/ How I Celebrated my Birthday?
  • Good Morning Everyone.
  • My name is Nikita.
  • I am studying in fourth standard.
  • Topic given is “My Birthday Party.” 
  • My birthday is on June 15th. 
  • It was a few days ago.  
  • Now I am going to tell you how I celebrated it.
  • It was Thursday, so I had school on that day.
  • Morning, after I woke up, my father and mother wished me.
  • Next, I got ready for school and went about my daily routine.
  • In school, all my friends and teachers wished me.
  • They sang, “Happy Birthday” song for me.
  • I gave chocolates to all of them.
  • Then, in the evening, a small birthday party was arranged.
  • All my neighborhood friends were invited to the party.
  • My father decorated the house with balloons, wall hangings, etc.
  • Next, my mother prepared special sweets for the party.
  • My friends and I wore party hats and we played with balloons.
  • Then, my father brought the Chocolate cake at 6pm when all my friends arrived. I cut the cake.
  • Everyone sang the “Happy Birthday” song.
  • Then, they gave gifts to me.
  • I was very happy to receive them.
  • Next, my mother distributed the sweets and the cake to everyone.
  • After finishing this, I gave the return gift to my friends as a token of thanks for coming.
  • We played a lot of games until the time to leave arrived.
  • Then, we bid goodbye and I went to sleep at night.
  • I had great fun and It was really a special day for me.
  • Thank you.

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