Short Essay on Our National Symbols

Short Essay on Our National Symbols

National Bird

1.      Our National Bird is Peacock.

2.      It has blue green feathers on its tail.

3.      The Peacock dances by spreading its feathers when it is happy.

National Animal

1.      Our National Animal is Tiger.

2.      It has stripes of yellow and black.

3.      It is a wild animal and it lives in the jungle.

National Flag

1.      Our National Flag is a tricolor flag – Saffron, white and green.

2.      The flag has a wheel with 24spokes in the center.

3.      The National Flag is hoisted on important days like Republic Day, Independence Day, etc…

National Emblem

1.      Our National Emblem has 4 lions standing back to back.

2.      The four lions face the four directions.

3.      We can see the National Emblem on our Currency Notes and coins.

National Fruit

1.      Our National Fruit is Mango.

2.      It is called the King of Fruits.

3.      This fruit is known for its abundance, prosperity and richness.

National Flower

1.      Our National Flower is Lotus.

2.      It is a sacred flower.

3.      Lotus symbolizes wealth, prosperity and purity.

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