Essay on Health and Fitness

Essay on Health and Fitness

Fitness is to keep the body and mind fit.  It is not about managing weight and following the diet.  Good health and playing games help to keep the body fit and healthy. When the body is fit and healthy, the man to be free from all types of physical ailments. Fitness is all about the understanding of one’s own body and mind.   

Good health is a great blessing.  We cannot buy good health.  Overeating, lack of exercise, irregular habits spoil health. Maintaining good health is in our own hands.  One should take care of their health.  Good health is fitness for the body.  A wealthy man without good health suffers a lot.  He cannot eat his favorite foods, play favorite games, carry on all activities casually.  He has to take regular medicines to lead his life.  But a healthy man, even if he does not have wealth can live happily.  He fulfills his hunger and leads a healthy life.  A healthy man has no restrictions to follow.  He leads his life peacefully.  Good health keeps us happy, active, charming, and alert. 

Physical exercise like playing games plays an important role to keep the body fit.  Sports and games help in the physical, mental, social, emotional, and moral development of the individual. Moreover, while playing a game like a game of tennis, badminton, etc., one forgets everything else, concentrates, and gets absorbed in the game.  Finally, games are excellent diversions for the mind. Regular practice of games makes the body fit. 

We can follow a few tips to maintain body fitness.  Early morning walk, a nutritious diet with vegetables, regular exercises, sound sleep, and proper rest is necessary for good health and body fitness. We should go to bed early and rise early in the morning.

We should practice sports and games life long and get the long term health benefits of physical activity. Body pain and health-related issues do not come near fit people. They can overcome all types of health problems with mind and body fit.  The obstacles to maintaining fitness are lack of time for doing exercises, non-availability of facilities, commitment to work, and many more. To say, overcoming these obstacles and maintain fitness is the topmost priority. It is possible by doing regular exercises.