Essay on New Year

Essay on New Year

New Year is the celebration of a new beginning year.  It is the starting day of the next year.  People celebrate New Year in different ways.  Some people go to their own religious worship places like temples, churches, mosques and they pray to god for their wellbeing.  People pray for their health, wealth, and prosperity. 

Everyone will be looking forward to welcoming the New Year at midnight.  This day is an opportunity to think about our future and to leave behind old mistakes, bad words, and bad deeds and start a new life.  People celebrate at midnight by staying awake for the celebration.  This is to welcome the New Year with full joy.  Midnight prayers are conducted for a positive attitude for people all over the world. People exchange New Year Cards, the celebration includes cake cutting in most places and the day is full of happiness, excitement, and sharing of joy.

New Year includes New Year Resolution also.  This is a practice for many people.  Resolution is some good action to follow in the future days.  It is we who decide the resolution.  So we know what is needed for our life’s goodness.  Based on that, we can decide our resolution and try to follow it throughout the year.  Even if we drop in the middle, it is good to restart it again.  By doing this, parents become role models for their children.  Children seeing this, also learn to adopt some good habits from the beginning.  Let us celebrate the New Year meaningfully with full joy and excitement.

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