Short Essay on Postman

Short Essay on Postman

The Postman is a Public Servant.  He works in the Post office.  He wears a khaki uniform.  His work is to deliver letters and parcels to the people.  For this, he has a cycle to go from one house to another.  The postman carries a leather bag in his shoulder to keep the letter and the parcels.  He often gets the delivery of the wedding invitations to the people as it costs cheaper.

First, he goes to the Main Post Office and collects posts of his area.  Then, he sorts it out and stamps it.  Next, he arranges his bag in an orderly manner, so that letters of his area are arranged together.  This helps him to easily deliver door to door.  Every postman has a definite number of houses to deliver mail.  Sometimes he carries money orders also and give the money to the respective people.

He works from morning till evening.  The postman works on rain and on the hot sun also.  He works sincerely.  Many fast ways of sending letters and parcels have come to serve people.  But Post office and Postman always play a vital role in all places especially in serving the village people.  Some villages are far off and it takes time for delivering the posts.  So he goes there once a week to serve.

The post office is considered the cheapest and reliable method of sending or receiving.  Apart from normal posts, speed posts, register posts, and many more services are given to people.  Thus Postman is a very important community helper.

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