Essay on The Library

Essay on The Library

About library – Introduction:

A library is the best place to find all sorts of books, reference books, fiction, general books, magazines, newspapers, etc.  Some libraries are big and some are small based on the people population in the area – like rural, semi-urban, and urban.  People can sit there and read all sorts of books, newspapers, magazines, etc. and some books can be taken home with a membership card. 

“Everything you need for a better future and success has already been written. And guess what? All you have to do is go to the library”-Henri Frederic Amiel

Library Books:

Books of different subjects like Children’s picture books, Tamil, English, Mathematics, Science, Social, Moral Science, other languages, psychology, etc. are kept there.  Storybooks of various authors in various languages are also there.  Books are grouped as storybooks, study books, reference books based on the category of subjects, language, and are kept in the library.

Kinds of the library: 

There is a general Central Library to benefit the common public to increase their knowledge.  This library generally has many floors and covers a wide range of books.  Under the central library, there are several branch libraries to benefit various small localities.  We also have village libraries to help the readers in the village area.  All these are under the control of the Government and we still have private libraries too.  They cater to the requirements of their locality.  Schools also have libraries to benefit school students.  In some areas, we see movable libraries also, they carry a certain amount of books, deliver it to the person’s home for ten days like and get some acknowledgment also. 

Benefits of the library: 

“I have found the most valuable thing in my wallet is my library card”– Laura Bush

In schools, we have the library system in order to educate them on the habit of reading at a very young age and to follow it.  Every school child has allotted timing to read in the school library and understand its importance.  In libraries, we have kids reading books.  Library books help them to widen their knowledge of various subjects.  The students buy some books, and some may be too costly.  Libraries provide these books to the students to read and learn for certain days and again return it back.  Libraries have a vast collection of reference books which help the students who do researches on certain subjects.  These reference books help them prepare and clear higher and competitive exams easily.

The habit of reading:

“Nothing is pleasanter than exploring a library” – Walter Savage Landor

Reading books is a good habit.  Some people have this habit of reading books as their favorite hobby.  Books are our dearest friends.  Some like to read subject books and some like to read storybooks.  Reading books helps us to improve our language and also provides deep knowledge.  We will not feel bored while reading storybooks.  So it is a good leisure time activity also. Kids start to read picture books at a very young age.  This develops their imagination. Going to the library and reading books helps them to spend the summer holidays in a useful and educative one.  

Students and libraries:

Every school also has a library to benefit its school students.  The school students will be given a certain time to access library books.  They will be given a membership card to take some books to read at home for a period of one week or so.  Students can use the library books to explore and do research as we can find a vast range of collection of books here.

About Librarian:

Librarian is a person in charge of the library.  He arranges and maintains the books in the library.  He makes a record of the books maintained, books taken by the cardholders and the returning date, and so on.  He has a register for all these activities and follows them.  We have to maintain silence in the library.  Talking will disturb others who are reading.  This is strictly maintained and followed for the benefit of all the readers.

“Librarians are tour guides for all of the knowledge” – Patrick Ness  


Library readers benefit from the knowledge of the language and the knowledge of subjects also.  We should make maximum use of the library.  It gives an inspiration for us to collect as many books as we can gradually so that we can have a little library of our own at home.