Few lines on Allosaurus – Dinosaur

Few lines on Allosaurus – Dinosaur

Allosaurus were huge, lizard-hipped dinosaurs. It lived 150million years ago, during the late Jurassic period, in parts of North America, Portugal, Eastern Africa, and Australia.


  • The Allosaurus was a large carnivorous dinosaur.
  • It was around 12metres long and three meters tall.
  • Their head alone was about a meter long, and they had a Strong S-shaped neck.  
  • It had a bony red crest above their eyes, as well as a massive tail.
  • They had strong, powerful legs and short arms, each with three fingers and sharp claws.
  • Allosaurus had large, powerful jaws and sharp-edged teeth.  
  • Their teeth were curved inwards, which helped them bite off large chunks of their prey.

Food Habits:

  • These huge dinosaurs lived in open and dry areas containing patches of conifers, ferns, and cycads.
  • Allosaurus were the most ferocious and largest predators of their time.
  • The Allosaurus hunted small, weak, and sick dinosaurs.
  • It was a scavenger also and fed on dead dinosaurs.

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