Few Lines on The Bear

Few Lines on The Bear
  • The Bear is a large wild animal with thick fur on its body.
  • Bears can live for about 15 to 30years in the wild.
  • Bears have a large, stout body with short, strong legs and large feet.
  • They have an elongated head and short rounded ears. 
  • They also have curved claws, which help them in walking, running, digging, climbing, fighting, and killing.
  • Bears feed on a variety of plants, fungi, fish, insects, and small mammals and hence they are called omnivorous animals.
  • Some large bears, such as polar bears, feed on seals, while others are known to scavenge through garbage.
  • There are different types of bears like the giant panda, black bear, sloth bear, polar bear, and brown bear.
  • Bears live in mountains and forests and polar bears in the cold Arctic regions.
  • A male bear is called a boar, and a female is known as a sow.
  • The baby bear is called a cub.

Physical features: short stout body

Food habits: Omnivorous

Habitat: Mountains and forests

Male Bear: Boar |Female Bear: Sow |Baby Bear: Cub

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