Essay/ Few Lines on National Animal – Tiger

Essay/ Few Lines on National Animal – Tiger
  • Tiger is a wild animal.
  • It is the National animal of India.
  • Tiger belongs to the cat family.
  • It is brown in color with black stripes.
  • Tiger lives in the forest.
  • It has a big and strong body and it has a long tail.
  • Tiger is a carnivore animal. It hunts and eats other animals. Tiger eats deer, fish, bear, buffalo, etc.…
  • It can run fast and climb trees. As such, it jumps at a very long distance to catch its prey.
  • Mostly, Tigers are found in India, China, Korea, and Russia.
  • Some tigers are white, orange in color with black stripes also.
  • Likewise, each tiger has a different pattern of stripes on its body.
  • Young one of the tiger is called a cub.

Key Points to write an essay on your own:

Tell the name of the animal, how it appears, National animal – carnivore animal – special features – a young one.

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