Few Lines on Polar Bear

Few Lines on Polar Bear
  • Polar bears live in the Arctic.
  • Their habitat is very cold, icy and filled with snow.
  • Polar bears have thick fur, short tails and round ears.
  • The thick fur keeps it warm in cold weather.
  • Polar Bear has a layer of fat under its skin.
  • The fat insulates its body from cold and keeps it warm.
  • They have big, long curved and sharp claws.
  • Polar Bear has a very strong sense of smell.
  • This sense of smell helps the bear to locate and catch its prey.
  • They eat meat.
  • The Polar Bear can swim in the water.
  • The white fur is not easily visible in the snowy white background. 
  • The claws help it to walk on ice.
  • The polar bear’s white appearance acts as a camouflage in the Arctic environment.
  • And polar bears make a snow den in the winter to protect their cubs from the Arctic fox.
  • Their primary food source is seals.
  • Polar Bears can go up to 8 months without eating when food is scarce.
  • They are the largest land dwelling carnivore.
  • A polar bear’s paws are designed specifically for moving along icy surfaces.
  • Global warming is a huge threat to the polar bear’s existence.

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