How I spent my summer holidays during the lockdown time?

How I spent my summer holidays during the lockdown time?

The June month has started and the schools have reopened now.  The summer vacation is over.  I enjoyed my summer vacation to the fullest possible and now I am back to school online classes. 

As everyone knows, it is Lockdown time and all of us have to protect ourselves against Coronavirus.  The summer vacation mantra was “Stay home Stay safe.”  My parents used to tell me this mantra often whenever I asked anything from the shop.  My teachers told me the same before the vacation started.  As it is for our well-being, I understood the fact and decided to enjoy my vacation at home itself.  I made up a plan on how to spend my holidays and followed the same.

1.      I made no compromise in getting up early.  I followed the same bedtime routine and got up early as usual.  I liked to do this and I got used to this timing.

2.      After finishing all my morning routines, I water the plants in my terrace.

3.      Then, I played the Shuttle with my father.

4.      Next after completing the morning activities like bathing and eating breakfast, then I sit down with drawing, coloring, art, and craft activities.

5.      When I am bored with such activities, then it is screen time, I watch Television Cartoons for some time.

6.      In my afternoon time, I played Carrom Board, Ludo, Snake and Ladder with my GrandMother and GrandFather.

7.      As usual in the evening, the first task is to water the plants and remove the dried leaves which have fallen down. Then I go cycling on my terrace, play football, etc. 

8.      When it gets dark, I complete my dinner, then start story reading with my mother.  I have a good collection of storybooks and I read one or two books with my mother. 

9.      Finally I go to sleep around 9pm.

This was my daily routine during my lockdown time.  I made the plan and followed it accordingly.  This kept me engaged during the whole day.  I did not feel bored during my vacation.  I enjoyed the vacation as all the activities are my favorite ones.  I did not feel that I was not able to go out since I was happy inside my home itself.

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