My hobby-having a Fish Tank

My hobby-having a Fish Tank

Hobbies are activities that are done regularly during spare time. We feel good at spending time on interesting activities.

I like to keep the tropical fishes at my house.  I have a small Fish Tank where I keep four to five varieties of fish like goldfish, red gold and black, etc.  Fishes look so beautiful swimming in the tank.  Every day in the morning,  I love to watch them.  It is very much relaxing.  When they die, it is unpleasant to remove the dead ones.  Cleaning the tank is also a bit tedious but I like to do it.  I enjoy the time of cleaning and reset the same with some different looks. Sometimes I spend time decorating the fish tank in different styles each time with different kinds of pebbles, shells, and other stickers.  I love to do some changes often. I will put food for the fishes in the morning and evening.  I admire the fastness in which they swim. 

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