Short essay on Punctuality

Short essay on Punctuality

“Time and tide wait for none” – famous saying.

Punctuality is the quality of being on time for any work or any task.  Time is the most valuable possession of man.  The meaning of punctuality is to do something at a fixed time without any delay. Most people observe punctuality.  But people being not punctual, waste their own time as well as the time of others. 

Students reaching school on time is Punctuality.  The students who are late not only disturb the class but cannot follow the class taught already.  Students who follow the correct timing and reach school will be calm and keen in listening to the class and get the lessons grasped easily.   Even many office goers reach their offices late and there is a delay in completion of work because of this.  People who are punctual follow the correct schedule of work and succeed in all their works.  Punctuality is taught to children right from a young age in schools.  When they develop this quality from the beginning, they get benefit life long.

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