Fancy Dress Speech as Carrot

Fancy Dress Speech as Carrot
  • Good morning Everyone!
  • I am an important Vegetable.
  • My color is Orange.
  • I am long and cone shaped.
  • Yes, it’s me….Carrot.
  • I am tasty and crunchy.
  • People call me a Root Vegetable.
  • One of the most nutritious vegetables.
  • I am rich in Vitamin A and full of antioxidants.
  • Eat me and prevent infections.
  • Be free from diseases.
  • I always keep your eyes healthy.
  • Since you are watching T.V, have me more.
  • I will protect your eyes.
  • But too many Gadgets, will spoil your eyes.
  • So take care.
  • Right from kids to adults, have me.
  • I help mainly in the growth of children.
  • So kids have me at a younger age itself.
  • I support the smooth functioning of the body.
  • I am a great source of vitamins and minerals.
  • Most importantly, I have Beta carotene.
  • This helps in vision.
  • Rich in Fibre also.
  • Fibre in me helps to stay healthy.
  • So, it helps in constipation
  • Vitamin C in me helps you to boost immune system
  • How do you eat me?
  • You can eat me raw.
  • I am very tasty, kids like to crunch me raw.
  • They peel my skin and cut me long handy pieces.
  • Just crunch on me as a snack.
  • Some people steam me and make Vegetable poriyal as Side Dish.
  • Few boil me in sambar or roast and have me.
  • Most favorite and the easy ones, 
  • Kids usually like to have me as Juice or Milkshake.
  • Just blend me with water, milk and sugar.
  • You get healthy nutritious Milkshakes
  • Enjoy and be energetic.
  • Don’t miss me.
  • Then you have to miss your health.
  • Have me everyday.
  • Take care of yourself.
  • Bye and thankyou.

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