Fancy Dress Speech on An Apple

Fancy Dress Speech on An Apple
  • Good morning everyone.
  • I am a Nutritious fruit. I am a popular fruit across the globe.  I keep the Doctor away.
  • Guess me, yes.….. I am an Apple.
  • My friends and I come in red, green and yellow colors.
  • In India, people like red-colored apples like me.
  • I come all the way from Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and Shimla.
  • Just taste me, I am sweet and delicious.
  • I always do you all a favor.  What is it?
  • Since I am rich in vitamins and proteins, I can improve your immunity power.
  • There is a famous saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.
  • Make Apple Juice, Apple Jams, and Jellies, Apple Pie, Apple Muffins, salads, smoothies, desserts, etc., and give it to your kids.
  • Eating me, helps you all to be free from all types of diseases.
  • I give you more strength, more energy, and more power.
  • Enjoy each and every day.
  • Thank you.

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