Fancy Dress Speech as Orange

Fancy Dress Speech as Orange
  • Good morning Everyone.
  • All of us want to improve our immunity power.
  • I am the best for increasing your immunity.
  • I am Orange in color.
  • Mostly, yellowish orange is the exact color.
  • I am large and rounded in shape.
  • Yes, it’s me….Orange.
  • My skin is thick and orange.
  • There are some small seeds in my pulp.
  • I am a Citrus fruit.
  • Taste me, I am just yummy.
  • Sweet, Sweet and Juicy.
  • I grow on trees.
  • Just peel off the skin and have me.
  • Taste and have the slices.
  • The more you eat me, you stay hydrated.
  • I am rich in water content.
  • There is fiber content too.
  • You can feel it as you eat me.
  • I help your body to function properly.
  • You get a lot of Vitamin C.
  • I act as an immunity booster.
  • Don’t worry about your health.
  • I always keep your body healthy.
  • Your vision works well if you have me daily.
  • I help in healing the wounds too
  • Kids like to have my juice.
  • Just squeeze me, remove the seeds and have my juice.
  • No need to add water or sugar.
  • Real fresh fruit juice from me Orange helps you to have a healthy body.
  • Eat me or drink my juice.
  • Be energetic and healthy.
  • Help your body to function properly.
  • Fight with your immunity booster.
  • Stay strong always.
  • Thank you.

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