Fancy Dress Speech on Octopus

Fancy Dress Speech on Octopus
  • Good Morning Everyone!
  • Let me introduce myself.
  • I have eight tentacles and I am a sea animal.
  • Oh!!! I can hear you…..You all found me.
  • Yes, it’s me………….THE OCTOPUS.
  • Do you know why I have this name?
  • I have eight tentacles, so I am called Octopus.
  • See my tentacles, they are long and flexible.
  • They are also strong.
  • I will catch my prey with these tentacles only and I hold it tightly.
  • My place is Sea, I always live there.
  • If you want to see me, come to the sea.
  • My eyes are sharp and bulging.
  • I crawl, crawl, always crawl.
  • But, I am a little dangerous.
  • I have a muscular tube called a funnel siphon.
  • With this, I will shoot out a jet of ink into the water.
  • I just escape off from my enemies and move backwards.
  • My food is crab, fish and other marine animals.
  • I have one speciality.
  • Let me tell you all.
  • I can change my color according to my surroundings.
  • Yes, I can camouflage.
  • This helps me to escape from my enemies.
  • I won’t harm you. Don’t worry.
  • Come to the sea to see me.
  • Bye bye…

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